Wedding ring guide

A wedding ring is a symbol of love that will last for ever. At Le Juelier, we believe that weddings and wedding bands are extremely personal and should always reflect your own style and taste. Therefore, we give you the chance to customise your perfect ring by choosing your favourite type of gold, the ring width and the finishing. If you wish, you can even have your ring engraved. Once you’ve chosen your ring, we will handcraft it from scratch for you in your size.

Rest assured whether your style is more traditional, classic or modern and outgoing, we will help you find your perfect ring.

Choose the Gold

First choose the colour of gold you prefer. You have 10 different combinations as you can see below. Please click here to visit our detailed ‘Metal Guide’ to find out more about different types of gold.


Choose a Width

Next, choose the wedding band’s width. Our wedding bands range from 2.0 millimetres (mm) in width to 6.0 millimetres in width. Wedding bands are usually bought in pairs, with the woman’s ring traditionally being thinner than the man’s.

Choose a Finish

Finally, choose your favourite finish. One of the ways to change the appearance of your wedding bands so that it looks unique is by giving it a different finish. Using this technique, the same ring can have different appearances.

Common finishes include polished, satin, brushed and hammered. If you prefer something more modern, why not go for a wire brushed finish? Below you will find an annotated table describing each type of wedding band finish we offer at Le Juelier. Have a read and pick your favourite!