Le Juelier Bespoke

In the early 1980s we started creating our own diamond, gold and silver jewellery. Soon after, we extended this service to our clients. Le Juelier offers a tailor-made bespoke jewellery service through which you can bring your ideas and inspirations to life.

Le Juelier Bespoke

Jewellery has never just been a simple fashion statement. It goes without saying that each person is unique and they define their style and personality in their own way. Be it an engagement or wedding ring, a pair of earrings or a simple token of appreciation for a loved one, Le Juelier can produce jewellery which is right for you and only you.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation meeting, in person or via video call, where you can run your initial ideas and budget by our dedicated bespoke jewellery team. We always work closely with our clients throughout the design and manufacturing process, providing them with design options and our expert advice. Rest assured, if the design is not quite what you intended, we will amend it until it is truly perfect.

Our in-house team always source the best metal and gemstones that your budget allows so that you never have to compromise on quality. And remember, as well as creating a unique design, we can also engrave your jewellery with a special message or quote of your choice.

Le Juelier Remodelling

If you are looking to modernise your items of jewellery or make them different in any way to suit your new style, Le Juelier also offers a remodelling service. We will re-use metal and gemstones to create something new without comprising your jewellery’s sentimental value. The process is the same as with our bespoke service, simply contact us to arrange an initial meeting so that you can run your ideas and inspirations by our bespoke jewellery team.

We look forward to working with you to create the jewellery that defines you!

Le Juelier

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